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Cover Model John Joseph Quinlan – Hero To Obey USA TODAY BESTSELLER by Blushing Books Publications

“John, thank you once again for being such a wonderful spokesman for our set – not to mention making the cover so appealing!
~ Maggie Ryan – Author

“Congratulations!! You made for a truly awesome cover model!”
~ Maren Smith – Author

“Congrats to all these amazing authors!! And our cover model John Quinlan. John you are amazing!! I am so honored to know you and be your friend! We could not have picked a better model for this set! I am so happy for all of you!! So happy for this group! You deserve it! Hard work, team work – we did it!!”
~ Allison Tee – Blushing Books Publications

“Thank you to everyone for all the work on this. Thank you Sue and Bethany for inviting me to participate. Thank you to every author and our gorgeous cover model John Quinlan. John, you rocked it as the cover model. And can I just tell everyone what a truly nice individual you are. It was a pleasure meeting you at RT.”
~ Desiree Holt – Author

USA TODAY BESTSELLER Hero To Obey Book Cover Model Actor John Joseph Quinlan #JohnQuinlan #Hero2obey