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“John was a pleasure to work with, punctual and
enthusiastic, give us some great images to work with. The ideal underwear model!”
Ben Warman, Owner, Smuggling Duds

“John is a man of high standards and work ethics. From
pro wrestler to fitness competitor and model, he works hard! He is conscious about keeping in shape and always come in looking great! You will be happy working with John. Very personable with others. I do not hesitate at all in recommending him.”
Doug Jantz, Professional Photographer

“When someone is truly passionate about what they do it
shows, especially in John’s case. His body is his temple and he works hard to stay in top shape. He’s able to display a multitude of emotions which makes him such a great model. If you are interested in a fitness shoot, John is the perfect fit!” Christopher Correia, Owner, CJC Photography

“John is a dedicated model who works extremely hard to be
at his best. His determination supersedes anyone I’ve worked with in a very long time. He brings emotion and deep meaning to all pictures I’ve seen. I will definitely use John for one if not many covers throughout my writing career.”
Lacie Nation, Author/Proofreader, Secret Cravings Publishing

“John is not only an amazing model but he is a true
professional and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with him!”
Mark Edward, Photographer & Director, Model Jock.com

“John is an amazingly dedicated body builder/model. His
physique speaks of his focus and perseverance. I cannot over-recommend him as an individual and as a business associate!” Diane Kirkland, President/Designer, DMK Designs, Inc.

“John has an incredible physique, takes his work seriously, and is a role model to all.. He is professional and is an asset to
his industry… I admire someone who goes the extra mile to be not just ordinary, but EXTRAORDINARY…. and that is John in one simple word…Highly recommended.. I am dying to do an interview live on air with John for my Radio show..”
Gizelle Loots, Owner, N&P Investments & Radio DJ at Mutha FM

“John Quinlan continues to grow in his career and I am
not surprised at all. John is an amazing person on so many levels his personal life and well as his career. He is the hardest working model that I know. He is a perfectionist with his photos and he cares about his look and he is very hands on with the way he is presented to his fans and the public. He sets a
great example for up and coming models.”
Claudia Reid, Writer for New York Examiner

“I highly recommend John Quinlan, he has a unique and
well sought out look, charm and appear that makes him stand out well above the rest. I know john will be a great asset to your company’s team or the next sport modeling adventure he endeavors.”
Melody Jackson, Fitness Model, Fitness With Love

“I’ve known John for 10 years. He modeled for me in my
illustration work for several book cover art projects. I couldn’t have askedfor a more professional and accessible collaborator in the creation of my work. He possesses a calmness and strong focus that I truly valued in the work we did together. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.”
Brian Dow, Owner, Brian Dow Studio

“John has a fantastic physique and a great, friendly
Adam Livermore, Post Production Assistant

“John is a dedicated model, he takes great pride in
his fitness routine, and has a long impressive resume. He has helped me with advice, and leading me in the right direction for my modeling career. I highly recommend him.”
Gia, Model

“John Quinlan was kind enough to contact SWEAT in
2011 and offer his services as a model. John did an amazing job of showcasing our brand, he has what it takes to make it far in any fitness related career he pursues. I highly recommend John to anyone that is considering working with him.”
Tal Thompson, Owner, SWEAT Collection

“John is a very dedicated and highly motivated model. He keeps his body in tip-top shape year round. Not to mention his
impressive resume. Contact John for a modeling job. You will be glad you did! Gia”
Gia Lee, Glamour Model

“One of my favorite romance cover models, ever! John
not only has a gorgeous face & body to look at, he is also a gorgeous man beneath the surface, as well. An amazing human being who never forgets to take a few minutes to say ‘Hi’ and offer support to his many friends, unlike several other cover models that I know. John definitely has my vote in this contest!
-Vicki Stewart

I think this pic shows off a beautiful body”.
– Julie Beasly

“John is an adorable guy and the cover model for two
of my future books. In fact one comes out this month. This pose of John Quinlan is sexy!”
– Taabia Dupree

“Very nice
– Angela Rees

Just sexy as total male….I like…..and lovely to hear he is nice person under all that gorgeousness.”
– Sunshine Kath

“John rules!!!! A very kind and smart man… God
bless you!”
– Mariel Caraballo Lora

“What’s not to like? Best looking guy and an amazing
human being. Good luck, John.”
– NeshkaStefanova

Hottest by far!”
– Kelli Salkin

“Nice chest”
– Night Owl Reviews Book Reviews

“Wow. This is the finest man. I’d read any book with
him on it. Yum”
– Gina Rouse Nelson

“Keep up the great work, you look fantastic & have
certainly come a long way!”
– Jose Raymond, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

“You are extremely dedicated & hard working, but more
importantly, you are a great person.”
-Michael Fauci, Owner, Max Muscle of Saugus, Massachusetts

“John is a reliable, honest and incredibly polite
person. It was a pleasure working with him for a photo shoot for Modus
Vivendi.” – Thanos Giagtzis, Modus Vivendi Underwear Co.

“I have provided Mr. Quinlan with some advice for
his competitions. He is an oustanding athlete, competitor and model. He would
be an asset to any company.” – Gerry Triano

“John has been the inspiration for several different
characters in my stories. He has always been timely and conscientious about
making sure I had the appropriate images and appropriate permissions when I
used his picture to illustrate a story.” – AmyBeth Inverness, Author

“John is a pleasure to work with. He’s professional,
a hard worker and is willing to do what needs to be done.”
Service Category: Model
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
– Lacie Nation, Writing and Editing Professional

“John is a consummate professional. He takes great
care of his body and is diligent in helping you find the right look for your
needs. I highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a fitness or
romance novel cover model.” – Cassandra Carr, Writer

“John is a motivated hard working guy who I would totally recommend. He’s ready for any challenge and is a great person first and foremost.” – Keith Isles, Athlete & Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Professional

“I met John at The Rack. He was helping me to design
a workout program for me, as I needed to keep in shape for hockey. He was so polite and knowledgeable, that he has remained a close friend, ever since. His dedication to fitness is without question…complete.” – John Willimott, Las Vegas Casino TG Executive

“John is a motivated individual with a positive outlook. He is goal oriented and confident in his talents. I look forward to seeing great achievements from John.” – Terrance Shaw, Model Scout at VIP Exclusive Fashion

“As a freelance sports writer I had the opportunity to write two articles on John as a fitness model, bodybuilder, romance cover model, and sponsor for Athletic Xtreme. Each interaction with John was pleasant, easy going, respectful, and highly professional. He was such a great guy to work with. He takes his business seriously and he knows his craft well when it comes to fitness, health and wellness. He is someone I hope to work with again.” – Jillian Bullock, CEO at Jillian Bullock Enterprises

“Now that is a substantially constructed man! So glad
he’s gracing the cover of Jessica’s Obsession, women will line up for that
– Laura Taylor, Author

“To my friends in the literary world…If you’re looking for the perfect cover model for your next book, look no further! I want you to take a peek at the gorgeous John Quinlan and his impressive resume and you’ll be glad you did! Not only is he an amazingly sexy cover model, he is also a wonderful man, father, athlete, endorser and friend..Give John a “Like” today and keep him in mind for your current characters if you need a cover model of awe-astounding proportions!” ♥
-Vicki Stewart

“You are very refreshing to the fitness world.Most guys are so stuck up its unreal.It’s unreal how humble you are when you have the look and body to be twice as arrogant as all of the others.I think that its great and you have a great career ahead of you John.”

– Taylor White

“We are so happy to announce that John recently was named official model for Alpha Male Underwear.”

– Darrell MacDonald & Thanos Giagtzis

“John is wonderful to work with and very eager to please and get the job done.  He has a high level of professionalism that I wish more in the industry had. He has a unique look that works well on covers and is a joy for me to edit his photos.” 

-Claudia McKinney, Cover Artist at Phatpuppy Art Inc.

“I created a new paper.li today and I’m calling it D I K Y. It stands for Do I Know You? And features celebrities I follow on Twitter. I have it set to follow anyone in my twitter list “celebs” as well as tweets by my favorites from the list. You are the first one on the list. It will pick up tweets by you with links in them. I’m also featuring actors like Luke Goss, and accounts like Entertainment Weekly (EW) and AMC Theatres. Thought you would like to know you’ll be one of the featured guests, and see this first edition.”

-Kayell Allen, Award-Winning Science Fiction Romance Author

“A real man, secure in his heterosexuality and masculinity, my friend Mr John Quinlan is proud to have Romance Novel Author Nya Rawlyns use his image as part of a promo for her book, ‘Skin’ which is an adult fiction M M (male male) Romance book. This just goes to show John’s diversity and class in choosing to allow his image to be representative of different walks of life! Congratulations to Nya and to John! This sir just shows why you are on your way to being one of the most successful cover models in 2014!”

– Trisha Fradenburgh

You are too kind and a very dear man!

– Crystal B. Wise – Writer & Children’s Author

John Quinlan….An amazing cover Model. Delicious……..the ultimate cover model…….Mr. John Quinlan…check out his photos….

– Suzzana C. Ryan – Writer

Ur the coolest tat cover model ever!

– Janda Montenegro – writer

You are a stand up family man and a genuine good guy. I wish you all the luck in the world.

– Jake Shields

I met you on BBN and from following you here; I can see you’re a good man, a great father, very hardworking and very dedicated to fitness and looking your best. But your greatest trait I’ve learned here is that you’re a loving father and just an honest man.

– Renee Actress

You were ALWAYS dependable and professional!! Always a team player, always ready to help. Simply THE BEST!

– David Thomes

John I have known you for about 8 years, the one thing that stands out the most is how much you love being a dad. I remember how much you always talked about them and still do. I think that you have your priorities straight no matter what you are doing. You’re a great all around man.

– Kathi Couldren

A beautiful person inside and out x

– Julie Dalglish – Writer

You’re a great guy…not just in looks but your personality shines through all that. And when i heard your voice I thought wow!! No wonder this man is married, thanks for being my friend…xx

– Christina Iwanitza

John Quinlan – I haven’t known you long. But in the short amount of time that I have, I move learned a lot of things about you. I put them into a list.

1. You’re a fighter. When people said give up, it’s not worth it. You fought! You stood up and said, I don’t think so! And you fought with all you have. And you’ve came a long way.

2. You’re a great friend. You’re always there for your friends. And you’re honest. Loyalty is a great thing.

3. You’re a great father. You’re kids are your heart. And that’s a wonderful thing. Being a father isn’t always easy. Sometimes there’s ups, other times there’s downs. But, the love you show for your kids, is so great to see.

4. You’re stronger than you think.

5. Never give up.

6. Hard worker.

7. The love you show your wife. Is great to see. It’s nice to know that being a gentle mend isn’t out of style. You’re love for her, gives hope to others. Hope that they too, can find someone to love like that.

8. You’re journey has only begun!

9. You’re destined for greatness!

10. Last, but not least, I’M PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

– Jennifer Ann Reeves – Writer

John you are an amazing man. A fighter. A believer. You’re a great father and husband. You give hope and strength to those around you. You give your all and nothing less.

– Carmen Terronez

I can say a million things about you John but the most important one of all is I’m glade to call you friend. You have been such a good friend to me and the rest of Bitten Press. Your kind words and help of encouragements have been more priceless to me then gold. In my book you are definitely King of Beasts.

– Bitten Press Publishing Co.

John, you’re a dedicated athlete, loyal friend, and most of all a loving dad. God bless.

– Gerry Triano

John is a proud- loving father and a kind and thoughtful person. John has supported well needed causes helping to spread awareness such as the Wrappednpink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization, to me it doesn’t matter how well known or unknown you may be or how much wealth you may or may not have in our society, what counts is how you give back to the communities to enlighten, educate, empower and motivate an awareness to situations affecting the world in which we live. And John Quinlan, does just that! Best wishes John.

– Anita Jeter-Peterkin

John, I don’t know u personally only on here as one of my Facebook friends but I can see from reading your posts that you’re a great father and u love your kids very much and u enjoy your work.

– Claudia Henry

John has a kind heart and a strong spirit. He has an energy about him that is contagious and addictive. I always look forward to seeing his work and hearing about his kids!

– Shiloh Darke – Writer

It is with great confidence and a distinct pleasure that I write to you, on behalf of my friend John Quinlan. John is one of the most caring people I have ever met. John is focused and firm in his commitments, but never loses his ability to care for those around him. John has an uncanny ability to accomplish his goals through his dedication and self-sacrificing nature. John is very organized, efficient, and extremely competent with his work. He also maintains excellent relationships with his peers. John Quinlan is courteous, professional and sincere. He is dedicated to his family, and is highly regarded in his community. I am honored to include John as a close friend. I highly recommend John for any position that highlights his skills and wonderful personality.

– Richard G. “Rick” Rota – President Cape Cod Aerial Photography

John I can honestly say you are one of the very few people I call my friend and brother. Also anyone that knows you can tell you are an awesome father.

Jose Rodriguez

John, when I first met you, I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice, genuine, and humble you were. A true friend for life, handsome, funny, caring, determined, professional, dedicated to your family and an amazing father to your children.

– Kristin Secorsky – Writer

John is a wonderful, dedicated man to both his art and his family. It has been a joy getting to know him.

– Dannielle Mastello Scheuer

I think John Quinlan is a very great person in many ways. I like that he is a family man, and I have found him a good friend on Facebook. He encourages me as a writer and I am glad to see his own successes in his field. I look forward to finishing a book which can feature him on the cover and feel that he can be fantastic in this as well.

– Anna Patterson – Writer

John Quinlan is an amazing talent and very approachable by his fans. He is a dedicated family man, which makes him all the more sexy if that were even possible. I would hire him in a heartbeat for one of my covers.

– Scarlette D’Noire – Writer

Hmmm… what can I say that I haven’t already? There are no words for someone that has done so much and gotten such great success, yet still has his head down at the same level as the rest of us and treats us as kindly and sweet as he does. He could easily be riding on his high horse while looking down his nose at us but instead he has stayed on level ground. I have not met such a kind person that knows he has his followers to thank, and what’s great is that he does. This is the man that thanks every single person in his life for just being there, so the gratitude from him is overwhelming. John has become someone I can rely on to lift me when my spirits are down without having the images to back him up. If anyone has missed out on the mass of a man he is in person, they are missing out on so much that needs experienced. I say this, “Thank you John for being my friend and reminding me that there are GREAT people out there. Your friendship is a true treasure.”

– Crystal Rister – Writer

From the moment I met John we were friends. With his kind spirit and open personality he makes everyone comfortable around him. One of the things I enjoyed besides hearing his cute Boston accent was how dedicated his is not only to his career, but to his family.

– Hildie McQueen – Writer

JQ is the most dedicated, hardworking, and strong willed person I know, and it is an Honor to be called a Friend.

– John Latimer

I did not know John for very long, his smile and charismatic attitude created such a positive environment…Truly a stand-up gentleman!!

– Heather Dixon

Thank you John, Wrapped-N-Pink appreciates your support.

– Anita Jeter-Peterkin

A genuine man with an amazing heart. An inspiration, a father that all men should aspire to be. A kind gentle soul who’s beauty radiates from within. Someone we should all strive to be more like. In essence, a truly good person.

– Jennifer Gruler Haren – Writer

More than just the muscles u see a real family man and father that cares about not only the simple things is raising children but will wear many capes well the small or tall are in need! Go super hero! One of a kind. Others take notes 🙂

– Sandy Marie Apeldoorn

Don’t know you in real life, but you always treat your followers with kindness and respect. Someday when I make it in the business, I’ll have you as a cover for one of my books. Doesn’t hurt that you’re and excellent father.

– Nena Duran – Writer

John Quinlan filmed a performance for my enhanced eBook and did a phenomenal job! He’s professional and very talented. Not only did he go the extra mile to produce the short film, but he is interacting with my readers and helping me promote as well. This gentleman is much, much more than a pretty face.

– Debra Anastasia – Writer

John was kind enough to be photographed in a few of my “No Limits” brand underwear in exchange for being our 2012 model of the year. He did a great job, and we have communicated ever since then. He also did a short “thank you” video to me as well. A consummate professional and all around great guy.

– Suzanne Carner

He is a wonderful human being, modest, honest, faithful, and a great family man!

I wish only the best for my friend and his family.

– Diane Seery

John Quinlan is the cover model for my as-yet-to-be-released vampire book. I love this man; he is so kind and knows how to give respect to everyone. I’ve never heard a single bad word toward anyone come from him. He has my complete respect and friendship…for life.

– CM Wright – Writer

Despite being in the fitness and entertainment business where people can be “divas” (men and women), John is such a wonderful, humble and gracious man and a complete professional. Look forward to doing more work with him on creative projects. He is the cover model for my upcoming book ‘Fitness Between the Sheets.’ Not only does he work hard to do well in this business, but he is mindful to help and support others.

– Jillian Bullock – Writer & Producer

God Bless you John

– Faith Highlander – Writer

In the short time that I have known John, I have found him to be honest, loyal, family orientated, caring and kind. He always has people’s best interests at heart. I feel that no matter what his circumstances are, he will always try to help if he is able. I already count John as a good friend and a very humble and God fearing man.

Thomas Clark

One of the funniest and down to earth guys I have ever known. Truly a good person and trusted friend. I am so blessed to have known you.

– Joan Hickey

U da man boss. Ur work is captivating and your character is one of a kind. Stay up Q

– Nader Rio

You’re a good, decent man, John.

– Mary Keel Allen

John is simply a good hardworking man who over a ten year period I have come to trust implicitly

– Edwin Hughes

“I would like to acknowledge those who made the terrific cover of this book possible and helped make The Roman come to life in this novel. Much Thanks to: Phatpuppy Art Studios and with them Teresa Yeh Photography, The Font Diva for Typography, and the sensational male model, John Quinlan.”

– Anna B. Patterson, Author of ‘The Roman and the Vixen’

“I want to give a huge shout out to John Joseph Quinlan for helping me reach many of my fitness goals. Always spotting me at at 5 ams and really making me dig deep to get that one rep max or even that extra rep. Thank you a ton for making me want to put in the work each and every time. Keep kicking butt!! You’ve helped me reach my goals and keep pushing me further. I can’t thank you you enough for being a role model for me. Thank you so much. Go get it Mr. Quinlan!! Thanks for being you!!”

– Cam Bishop 9/13/2015

“You are a star at RT and a star to many authors, why not showcase yourself and what your accomplishments are, not just physical attributes but all the positive things in your business outside of your personal life. Women and men love you, and as a cover model, you are a great role model. More people should know about that part of your life.”

– Taabia Dupree, Author 10/17/2015

John is a great coach, trainer, and motivator. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work directly with him to help me reach my goals. Would not trade it for anything else. I would highly recommend anyone to work with him. He has worked in the industry of training and physique building for most of his life. I gained a lot of my tricks and personal records working with him. He is a man of amazing talent.

Male Model John Quinlan

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