John Quinlan & His 3 Children @ Thanksgiving 2017

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“In this life I have learned to be thankful for the things I do have and to no longer dwell on the things I don’t. It was a blessing to see my 3 children on Thanksgiving. So from me and my children to you all and yours & all your families, Happy Holidays & God Bless.”

~ John Quinlan

Model & Actor John Quinlan With His Children Thanksgiving 2017 #JohnQuinlan

I Dawned the Masked Shane O’Kane Pro Wrestler Gimmick One Last Time for a Great Birthday Charity

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“So today, at 40 years old & 13 years after being in a ring with my mentor Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake watching over me,
I dawned the Peter Karalekas created masked Shane O’Kane gimmick one last time before I put it away forever and made these kids day. On this day I was a hero to my 6 year old son at his birthday party and maybe years from now he will look back and say, “I had a pretty cool dad”
– John Quinlan 8/29/2015

John Joseph Quinlan Pro Wrestler Shane O'Kane Gimmick 13 Years After Brutus Beefcake @ Son Cole's 6th Birthday Party 8-29-2015 #JohnQuinlan