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I am a big fan of John’s body of work and I was hoping I
might be able to request an autographed photo.

Kelly Glynn – Belvidere, New Jersey

Hey John, big fan from Toronto! I was just wondering if
it’s possible to get an autographed photograph. Also, just had two quick
questions. 1) Will we ever see you return to the ring? 2) Will we ever see you
go full Monty? (Sorry, I just had to ask lol)

Jeromme – Toronto, Canada

Your modeling pictures are very beautiful!!! I love them
soooooo much!!! You have a great face, a nice sight and a very beautiful
body/muscle structure!!!! Keep up the good work John!!! YOU ROOOCK!!! Best
regards and we keep in touch!!! XOXOXO

Fedhi – Lattes, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

You are a very sexy man, if you would ever like to do a
shoot together please don’t hesitate to ask!

Laci – Yulee, Florida

Amazing body man… great job

AJ – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Killer physique dude

Adam – new York, new York

I love your look

Amy – Orlando, Florida

Wow u are a sexy dude

Eriq – west palm beach, florida

You look amazing

Gary – los angeles, California

You are a big beautiful man – I normally don\’t reach out
to male models since I am a female and have a private home studio. I would love to shoot you someday

Kate – Phoenix, Arizona

You are just stunning!

Sidney – New York, new York

Great look and build. As for the ink, never thought of
you as a trouble maker, far from it. I see a man that loves his family. I see a
man that has a smile and looks that will win many over. I see a man that took
his body to a level that not many will ever. I see a man that is going to be a
great father to his daughter and his sons are so lucky to have a great dad like
you. I don’t see a trouble maker or bad ass man. I see one damn amazing man. Many
people may think that you are one huge muscle and what people don’t realize, is
your heart is bigger than your muscles.

John Michael – Buffalo, New York

I just looked over your port on MM – I have to say these
are some of the most beautiful pics I’ve ever seen on MM or on the Internet
over all. I just thought I would drop u
a line to tell u this.

December Moon Films – Beverly Hills, California

You’re in great shape!

Bailey – Boston, Massachusetts

Your body is looking muy caliente

Dora – Austin, Texas

Your work is fab!

Amy – Oxford, England, United Kingdom

I just wanted to say I love your pics amazing body and
you don’t look like you’re in your 30s either.

Kimberly – Beverly, Massachusetts

I think it is great that you have lent your body out to
THE ARTS rather than only the commercial world.
Photography is fine, but there is something more satisfying in
sculpture, painting and drawing.

Robert – Providence, Rhode Island

John I’d welcome the chance to work together – you’re
like a perfect invention – comic book hero style. I produced a film – Spaceman
on Earth which premiered at Cannes – it sounds funny but was
a big hit, about a
1950s astronaut that gets pegged as a commie by his Martian neighbor, it has
50-foot women, cops, green screen, animation, puppeteering, and lots of
references to classic cinema, B-cinema, sci-fi genre. When we follow up with a
sequel, would be great to have you in it. You could play such an interesting
character, like a super violent menacing fighter with a heart of gold – like a
gentle giant. Written with lots of humor which is our forte. Your training is
impeccable, and you fit the part perfectly.

Alex – Los Angeles, California

John, I like that you are humble enough to NOT talk to
people as if you are better than them. Humility is a rare and beautiful
thing. Good to know that you are spoken
well of. You look GREAT! Keep up the
hard work, it shows!

Nicole – Houston, Texas

You are a great looking guy, and from what I can tell,
you already have a pretty solid grasp on what your goals are – so you are way
ahead of many of the other models.

Flyfoto – Boston, Massachusetts

Your work is hot!

Frank – Miami Beach, Florida

I just love your look!

Allison – Cincinnati, Ohio

I saw your profile on Model Mayhem and I think you have a
very strong, masculine face and build.

Auburnex – Boston, Massachusetts

Amazing photos – great work! My best wishes.

David – Palm Springs, California

A top notch model and athlete like you deserves
recognition. Also, from reviewing your pictures, you seriously should enter
yourself in our MBN Championship. This
is a contest that we feel extremely confident that you will be a finalist hands

Management – Bodybuilding

You’re beautiful.Perfect build and proportions.Nice work John

– Madison Morgan

Wow! Amazing, I love your eyes. Your inner beauty is equally as perfect as the outer. Very important

– Renee, Model

Awesome physique, keep up the great work.

– Joseph Johnson, Model

Love your vascularity.

– Shannon Harris

Wow. Very cute John.

– Stacy Ford, Bodybuilder

Speechless here!!!! Ummmm, you look amazing!

– Taylor, Fitness Model

“Your photos are exquisite. Thank you for allowing the rest of the world to enjoy the art of you.”

– Anastasia Alexander, Club Manager at 24 Hour Fitness

“You are such a great person, more so than model.”

– Crystal Rister, Author

“Hey man my name is Chris. I’m a tattooed fitness model competitor in the WBFF. Just wanted you to know you’re an idol to me and I follow you for inspiration and motivation to keep pushing hard. I want to be successful like you being a tattooed model. I’m from Waterbury, CT. and my sister is from Boston Mass. I’d love to meet you in person one day.”

– Chris Boutot, WBFF Competitor

“I know you may hear this everyday. From fans that you’ve gathered along your journey. But, knowing what little I know, you’ve helped me. My life, even though I’m 33, has been a mixture of hell and happiness. After losing my only parent to breast cancer, almost three months ago. I was at my bottom, without a place to live. Due to the fact that, mom got so sick, I had to be her full time caregiver. So, when she passed I couldn’t stay in the house she rented. I was about to just say, “I give up.” And throw in the towel, end it all. But, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and your post about you going through hell and how you didn’t give up, even when the world was knocking you down. It spoke to me, made me see that if you can do it, I can too. If you can go through all of that and not give in or give up. Then, so can I! You may not know it, my friend. But, you saved me. Just that post, saved me from doing something that I wouldn’t be able to come back from. I know it may not seem like you have any clue as to what affect your words have on others. I can speak for myself, you’re inspiration. I hope to make you proud and be the kind of person that can give others the same inspiration. To be able to pay it forward and save someone that’s in the shape I was in. So, from my heart to yours, thanks. Thank you for all that you’ve done. Much love, my dear friend.”

– Anonymous

“People never know how their words and actions affect others. My daughter has attempted suicide 4 times in thw past year. There were nights I was so scared to go to sleep for fear that I would wake up and she would be dead. All it took was one person to say/do some that caught her attention. She is so much better today…I have my daughter back; the one BEFORE depression took her. Please continue sharing your journey. You truly never know who you touch. This is one courageous person who shared her story…I’m sure there are many others and more to come. So thankful there are people like you in this world.”

– Robin Walston Griffin

“John you are a amazing man and a wonderful inspiration to others.”

– Rebecca Lewis

Romance Cover Model John Quinlan Phatpuppy Art Autograph to Mary

Autographed fan mail

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