Honored to be a Lead Actor in Jillian Bullocks New Film – John Quinlan

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Just informed now, after waiting patiently for so long, by producer Jillian Bullock the MMA Military themed film I have been cast for as a lead role is now set to begin filming June 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tattooed Model Actor John Joseph Quinlan

Honored to be The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in the World 2014 – John Quinlan

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Dear Author Taabia Dupree, yes I am currently the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world and if I am replaced by another who comes along with more it’s ok because I WAS THE VERY FIRST GUY with this title and I helped pave the way for others like him to follow without stereotyping.

The World's Most Tattooed Romance Cover Model John Quinlan 2014

Training This Morning in Classic Mike Tyson Boxing Apparel – John Quinlan

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I had a great training session this morning especially wearing the classic 1984 Mike Tyson Boxing apparel. Thanks Big Nick Ward, one of my greatest training guys of all-time for the photo.

Tattooed Physique Model John Quinlan in Mike Tyson Boxing