Thanks Again to Athletic Xtreme Supplement Company

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Just wanted to thank Athletic Xtreme Supplement Company one more time. It was an honor being an official sponsored athlete for such an amazing organization of people. Even though I am no longer with the company I will always have 100% respect for every single AX athlete. I will still remain friends with all of those I became close with. Never hesitate to contact me at any time. God Bless  


Funny Post of The Day – I Have Never Been in Jail

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I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN JAIL. Yes, there are actually people out there that have seen this photo of me…thought it was real and asked/messaged me things like, how long were you in for?” “What did you do?” and “where were you incarcerated?” REALLY PEOPLE, REALLY? It is a cover art image, ha ha ha! I am actually laughing right now posting this, LOL! Maybe I will tag a few people that find this absolutely hilarious.

Update on Upcoming Renegade Radio FM Talk Interview & Fashion Shoot

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Just a brief video update to let ya know what I have coming up. On Friday, June 28th I will be interviewed by writer Leanna Harrow on Renegade Radio FM Talk. Then in mid-July I have a fashion themed model shoot with photographer Robert Mercer. I look forward to both of these great projects as Leanna and Robert are both truly amazing.

– John

This video update was filmed 6/27/2013


My Thighs Today :)

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Put my cell phone on Sepia and snapped this photo this morning. 5’9 1/2″ 199lbs. Never the biggest, strongest or the the most ripped when compared to the other physique competitors and male models but I have the heart of a warrior and will never give up. Thank to all those who have been so kind, supportive and have shown John Quinlan so much love. God Bless #nevergiveup #believeingod


Special Thanks Again to Bitten by Love Reviews

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Special thanks again to Bitten by Love Reviews. I am honored you did a giveaway of me with 2 signed pieces of memorabilia to a lucky reader back in January. An autographed 8×10 photo and signed Muay Thai boxing gloves along with 2 eBooks from author Charisma Knight. I am still truly humbled by this 6 months later.

Additional Photos from the 30th Annual RT Convention in Kansas City

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Here are 48 additional photos from the 30th Annual RT Convention in Kansas City this past May. So if you were there check those out as there might be a photo of you with me in it.

It is with a heavy heart I am making this announcement that I will no longer be with Team Athletic Xtreme

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Dear Brandon and Team Athletic Xtreme,

It is with a heavy heart I am announcing I have to resign immediately from Athletic Xtreme as a sponsored athlete for personal reasons. I am no longer able to give my all to the team the way I want to. I have too much respect for you, this team, this company and the fitness community to not give it my all. I did my best in the time that I was part of Athletic Xtreme with my videos, my professional photographs advertising the supplements, representing AX at the NPC (winning 3 classes and the Overall Men’s Physique at the Vermont Bodybuilding Championships) and spreading the word about AX to thousands upon thousands through social media and word of mouth through my many connections. With 3 little children and model & book projects building up constantly I can no longer be a parent because of all the demands that are being expected of me. It has been an honor for me to be part of this incredible company. I thank everybody in the AX family for all the kindness, love and support they have shown John Quinlan. I have 100% respect for you and every member of this team. Athletic Xtreme will always remain a special part of my life. I know you will understand.


God Bless