John Quinlan Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model for Jessica’s Obsession Thanks Taabia Dupree

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Tattooed Romance Cover Model John Quinlan Jessica's Obsession by Taabia Dupree
“I just wanted to give very special thanks to romance writer Taabia Dupree for using me as the cover model of her novel, ‘Jessica’s Obsession.’ I am truly honored for the selection. I received the hard copy of the novel in the mail which I am holding in my hand. It was a nice surprise to open up the envelope and find this inside. I am credited in the novel as the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world which I am proud of as it makes me unique and stand out among the rest of my cover model brothers.”

This video was filmed on May 21, 2013.

Romance Cover Model John Quinlan with Kathryn Falk

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Tattooed Romance Cover Model John Quinlan and Kathryn Falk RT 2013

“With legend Kathryn Falk; the founder and CEO of RT BOOK REVIEWS Magazine and the author of LOVE’S LEADING LADIES (1980) and HOW TO WRITE A ROMANCE AND GET IT PUBLISHED (1982) at this year’s RT convention in Kansas City. Kathryn has helped propel the paperback romance genre into the ever-growing billion dollar industry that it is today. It was an honor to meet and become friends with this amazing lady!”

Latest News with John Quinlan

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I would like to personally thank Crystal Rister for interviewing me. Crystal, you were awesome and it was my pleasure. Anytime you would like to have me back I would be honored! Much love & respect for you always. And of course I had to mention 2 of the greatest figures in the world when it comes to tattoos in the interview…..Pino Bros. Ink of Cambridge, MA. owner Frank Pino Jr. and artist Matt Myrdal. Pino Bros. Ink and these 2 guys are the best. Thanks for being so cool with JQ!

Check out the brand new interview with John Quinlan by Crystal Rister, click Here.

With John’s recent success at NPC Physique competition, recently concluded RT Convention where John participated and all his upcoming Romance cover model projects, John shares a big thanks to everyone, ” I just wanted to thank everybody for showing me so much love and support”

“A quick photo taken this morning to promote my beautiful friend, romance writer Kristin Secorsky’s novel ‘The Immortal Scrolls.’ Congrats Kristin, awesome!”

More at RT Convention

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“Shown here at the 30th Annual RT Convention in KC Book Fair with the man Charles Paz aka Fifth Element with the great Eric Asher and Amy Cameron. Great people that I am honored to call my friends! Eric, Saturday night I never laughed so hard my man, good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I am honored to be part of this 2013 RT Cover Model crew with such a great bunch of people. Some of the guys are missing from this photo. I am humbled to be an RT Cover Model with this great group of talent”

“Me and the man, GQ Charles Paz aka Fifth Element at the RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City.”

“Shown here with my friend and fellow cover model Len Gunn at RT 2013. Len is the man, awesome guy and thanks again for the ride to the airport my man! LOL!!!!!!!”

“Shown here with my beautiful friend Vicki Stewart at the 30th Annual RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City earlier this month. Vicki, I am so proud of you for your courage, strength and spirit! You did it, you beat Lymphoma…you kicked the big C’s ass! You were in my prayers every night and meeting you in person was very special to me as we really connected. JQ is your friend for life and I am honored that you are mine! Thanks so much for all the love and support of me! “

“Here with the very beautiful and talented romance author JoAnne Colby at the 2013 RT Convention in KC for Heather Graham’s Freaky Friday Dance Party. Thanks JoAnne for being so nice and sweet to me! Luv ya :)”

Tattoed Cover Model John Quinlan with Scott Nova

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Tattooed Romance Cover Model John Quinlan and Scott Nova RT 2013

Tattooed Romance Cover Model John Quinlan and Scott Super Nova RT 2013

“With my good friend Big Scott Nova in Kansas City for the 30th Annual RT Booklovers Convention for Heather Graham’s Freaky Friday Costume Party. Scott is a strong guy and taller than me….wait a minute most of the other guys were taller than me too, LOL!!!!! BUT, I am taller than the one and only Charles Paz aka Fifth Element, ha ha ha! That’s right, I called you out man….had to get you back for that virgin comment you made on film with me, LMFAO!!!!! But seriously Scott, Charles and all the guys are great! Awesome time! Guess I’m gonna kill 2 birds with one stone in this post as I wanted to thank Crystal Rister again for interviewing me the other day and was quite humbled by what she had to say about me after the interview was over. I actually just read what she wrote a few minutes ago as I stumbled upon her words by chance. Here is what she said about me,

“It was great to have you do the interview, but even better to have you as a friend. I hope people get to see you more as the awesome person you are rather than just the cover model. It’s an honor.”

Thanks Crystal, right back at ya!”

Latest News on model John Quinlan!

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“I am proud to announce I have landed a book cover with one of the greatest authors out there, Joanne Colby. It is due out later this year. Awesome! I would like to personally thank Joanne for choosing me as her cover guy. I am honored for the selection! Shown here below with the beautiful Joanne at the 2013 30th Annual RT Convention Avon Red Slipper Signing.”

A look back at NPC Physique competition and John’s winning moments, John shares, “Here is the photo after the 2013 NPC Vermont Bodybuilding Championships that was held on April 27th of the Overall winners from each category. Yes, that’s yours truly on the far right. Thanks again to one of the greatest promoters in the world Mike Fuelner for putting on such a great show. Winning the Men’s Physique Open and Master’s was very nice and to go on to win the Overall Men’s Physique Championship was scripted as I did it for my late grandfather. Thanks to Larry Cuzzi for all the support, to my supplement company family Athletic Xtreme and to everybody else that was there along the way. Much love and respect always from me to you. God Bless”

“It was an honor to model the Ocean Wave necklace by fashion designer Kenneth Fron. I just wanted to say thanks to Kenneth for his kind words he posted about me this morning:

“Kenneth Fron Jewelry is not just for women…once in a while there is a unisex piece on the website Catalog. This spring, I proudly introduce my buddy John Quinlan who is a fitness and romance cover model. John is posing with OCEAN WAVE. Hopefully in the future Kenneth Fron will have a men’s line. For now, we are inspired by a wonderful man!”

 Much respect always Kenneth!”
“Shown here with one of the most beautiful women in the world, my sweet friend Vicki Stewart. You are such an inspiration to me for your strength, courage and mental & physical toughness for beating Lymphoma. I told you Vicki you would beat the Big C’s ass and you did! So proud of you and I prayed for you every night for the day to come! Thanks for watching out for me at RT! You mean the world to me!”