John sends a Big Thanks to all Romance Writers for all their support

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“I just wanted to send off a quick message of how thankful I am to all the romance writers for the kindness they have all shown me. If I thanked each and every one of you I would truly be here all day! Thank you for believing in me and I will continue to work hard as your book cover model.”

New Stock Photos by Claudia McKinney plus New Book Cover!

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New Photo Gallery just launched at  John also recently just signed up with outstanding Book Cover Designer Claudia McKinney, John shares ““It is with great honor for me to announce today that I have just signed on exclusively with book cover designer for best-selling authors, Claudia McKinney. Claudia is an amazing talent being the book cover artist for over 250 books. She has created covers for best-selling authors including, Kami Garcia, Samantha Young, Amanda Hocking, JL Bryan, Courtney Milan and Maria Rachel Hooley just to name a few. Currently one of her covers is placed at #30 on the New York Times Best Seller List for Samantha Young’s “On Dublin Street”. I have posted the very first book cover design just above that is now available to any writer/author for purchase. It has an ‘Armageddon’ theme to it. I would like to personally thank Claudia McKinney for making John Quinlan her brand new exclusive romance cover model guy. Here is also the 2nd romance novel stock cover image of me with Angela Pagliarulo by Claudia McKinney. Looks amazing and is available for any writer/author to use for his or her next cover. It is titled, ‘Destinies Collide’. Hope you all like it!”

John also has a new Book Cover Feature appearance, John shares, “I was just informed the other day that I will be featured in Jillian Bullock’s Book ‘Elite Warrior Fitness’ that is due out sometime in the near future. Thank you Jillian for selecting me, I am honored! I will keep everybody updated.”  Here’s a brief overview of the book: Elite Warrior Fitness: Look, Feel and Perform Like an Athlete Even If You Don’t Want To Become One If you’ve ever looked at athletes in books, magazines, on television and in movies and admired not only their physiques, but their exceptional performance capabilities, and wondered how you could achieve the same thing, then this book is for you. Practically anyone from 16 to 60 will be able to read Elite Warrior Fitness: Look, Feel and Perform Like An Athlete Even If You Don’t Want To Become One and learn the proper guidance, including specific exercises, nutritional plans, vitamins and supplements to help fuel and transform their body to achieve the epitome of physical and healthy perfection all without the use of fad diets, plastic surgery, or illegal performance enhancement drugs.

John asks for Support for his good friend Vicki Stewart

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John Quinlan asks for your support and help in reposting this link on your facebook page: Click Here for the link. “Please help my friend with cancer, Vicki Stewart. To all my friends in the world that are on Facebook if you could take just one small moment today to simply re-post this event link on your Facebook wall I think this will be contagious! The more it is seen, the more it will be re-posted and the greater this will be. This event set up by Jenn Dinh runs through December 15th. My personal goal for this is to get it re-posted on the millions of Facebook walls all over the globe. Thank you so much for your time!”

Sports Model John Quinlan on Athletic Xtreme

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Official AX Sponsored Model Athlete John Quinlan

As an Athletic Xtreme Officially Sponsored Athlete I would like everybody to take a minute and read what I have to say about the awesome ‘ULTRA REPS’ supplement we have that will dramatically improve your workouts!

The amazing Athletic Xtreme product I would like to tell you about is ‘ULTRA REPS’. Before I tell you about this great supplement let me first touch upon one of the key ingredients so you understand how it works. The main ingredient is Creatine which we all know is clinically proven to increase muscle and strength BUT ULTRA REPS by Athletic Xtreme uses German Creatine which is made with 100% Creapure, manufactured in Germany under strict GMP conditions, and verified for purity using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography. The end result is the highest purity level ever achieved in the world – a minimum 99.95%. Only Creapure has been investigated in more than 50 clinical trials supporting its short term safety. And numerous clinical trials have supported Creapure’s long term safety as well. No toxic effects have ever been determined from Creapure testing. The same cannot be said for other Creatines on the market that do not contain Creapure. When it comes to Creatine, purity matters. So along with the purest creatine on the market, ULTRA REPS contains other key ingredients that will help prevent lactic acid buildup for your entire workout, allowing you to add more weight, increase reps and train longer. What really stands out to me is that ULTRA REPS is a Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Supplement! It is free of massive amounts of stimulants unlike many other pre-workout formulas out there. That is what really sold me, I hate putting anything harmful in my body but at the same time I wanted a great pre-workout supplement that would give me the benefits I was looking for…..ULTRA REPS was exactly what I wanted! The amino acid Taurine is added in to work in combination with the German Creatine to maximize muscle cell volume increase during your workout. As I mentioned above, the key ingredient to enhance the effectiveness of ULTRA REPS in the prevention of lactic acid build-up in the muscles is Enterically coated L-Carnosine (b-Alanyl-l-histidine). It acts as a buffering agent that reduces the burn and acidity inside your muscle cells which will allow you to lift longer and harder to produce stronger lifts and greater gains. Enterically coated L-Carnosine (b-Alanyl-l-histidine) actually works in conjunction with Disodium Adenosine-5′-triphosphate as this ingredient increases muscular and cellular energy while improving athletic performance and recovery. Trisodium Citrate dehydrate also helps aid in the fight against lactic acid build up by neutralizing it in your muscles during training and balancing pH levels in your body. The final ingredient, which ties everything together making the process complete, is Theobromine Anhydrous. Theobromine Anhydrous is a vasodilator that greatly assists with improved blood flow and oxygen uptake. You will experience three main benefits: noticeably less burning sensation in the muscles while exercising increased endurance AND an improved aerobic capacity (i.e. you don’t run out of breath as easily). All of these help you get a much better workout and reach to your goals faster and as I stated above it is STIMULANT-FREE! With these ingredients, ULTRA REPS delivers more recovery, endurance, muscle, and power at the cellular level. I have been using ULTRA REPS and my workouts have never been better. I can definitely train longer and harder than before because ULTRA REPS prevents the lactic acid build-up in my muscles. Try ULTRA REPS for yourself and see what a super pre-workout supplement it is!
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Happy Bday John!

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Male Model John Quinlan

Happy Birthday John!  John celebrated his birthday two days ago, John sends his thanks to everyone who wished him the best birthday ever, “Thank you everybody who has sent me Happy Birthday wishes! Means a lot and I personally thank you!” And also John thanks Ross, NPC and Big Mike:

NPC Physique Model Champion John Quinlan

“Thanks to Ross for this special birthday gift that commemorates my NPC Men’s Physique win at the 2012 Rhode Island Bodybuilding Championships at Twin Rivers Casino. A special thanks to the NPC and Big Mike Feulner for making that show such a success. Much respect always!”