John Quinlan, Book Cover Model for Celia Kyle’s Fierce in Fur

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“I would like to personally thank Celia Kyle for using me as her cover model for her book titled, ‘Fierce In Fur’. I am honored and humbled by this :)”  John Quinlan is the book cover model for Celia Kyle’s upcoming novel, Fierce in Fur, scheduled to launch around October/November, Thank you Celia!

John Quinlan on his Tattoos

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Male Model John Quinlan Desert Shoot

Male Underwear Model John Quinlan for Geordi

John Quinlan

Tonight, John answers the most common questions that fans, followers and readers always asks him, as the most Tattooed Romance Book Cover Model, John shares an indepth look on his tattoos and the meanings behind them, “Ok, just for the record everybody and their mother keeps asking me over and over again how many tattoos I have and what they are. Well, here it goes to set the record straight:

•Japanese theme half sleeve on upper right arm
•Celtic sun cross on middle upper back
•Tribal bracelet with barbed wire around right wrist
•Kanji “Strength” symbol on inner right forearm
•Kanji “Tranquility” symbol on inner right forearm
•Celtic high cross with banner on upper left back
•Kanji “Happiness” symbol on upper right back
•Celtic Rock of Cashel cross on upper right back
•Kanji “Hope” symbol on upper left back
•Chrome and black “Godsmack” tribal sun symbol around navel
•”Medusa” theme half sleeve on upper left arm
•Kanji “Courage” symbol on lower left abdomen
•Kanji “Family” symbol inside left wrist
•Tribal shamrock on right ring finger
•Kanji “Perseverance” symbol on right ring finger

So as you can see I have 15 individual tattoos which are all either Irish or Oriental. All of the symbols have deep meaning to me and describe my life and what things I feel are important to me to live a rich and full life. I have always been a person that I would call unique as I have never copied anybody and have always done things my way as crazy as that may sound because I thought it was for the best at that given time. My advice to anybody reading this post is to just be yourself and if people choose to judge you for the wrong reasons just ignore it as life is too short to sweat the small stuff.”

Male Model John Quinlan Right Arm Dragon Half Sleeve

Right Arm Dragon Half Sleeve

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Breaking News: John Quinlan, Next Book Cover Model for Author Taabia Dupree

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Diego Barberi Male Underwear Model John Quinlan

Sports Model John Quinlan will soon be the cover image for Taabia Dupree’s upcoming novel, Jessica’s Obsession.  John Quinlan shares, “I would like to personally thank Writer/Author, Taabia Dupree, I’m very honored and thankful for this opportunity, I’m also sending my prayers and positive wishes to Taabia and her family for their private family situations, hoping that God’s grace and blessings will provide positive directions.”  John also thanks everyone, from readers, to fans, to different underwear and fashion brands, as well as all the photographers, family, and friends that had been supportive of his modeling as well as his sports physique career.

Latest News on John Quinlan

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Lots of new updates, first off, John joins Lucy Monroe’s 2012 Online Reader Retreat, Cover model contest, of which John specially thanks AJ of BlackRaven reviews “I would like to personally thank AJ of Blackraven Reviews for submitting me in the cover model contest at Lucy Monroe’s Online Reader Retreat.”  John’s other official blog, IrishJohnQuinlan is on Top 15 of celebrity blogs at Blog Avenue, super cool!  and John’s super popular shot on Diego Barberi is now added to his Romance Novel stock images.